About Us

Hello and Welcome!,

We wanted to share a little "About Us" so everyone could get to know who is Ande Productions and what we are all about. We have always had a passion for photography, the creative process of videography and have decided to bring that passion to our family, friends, and our community. We usually always have a camera in one of our hands, seeing the world around us in beautiful and interesting ways. That is why, as you explore with us further, you will see many outdoor and nature shots. We live in a amazingly beautiful world and want to share it as we see it, whether that is outside in nature, filming a property for real estate, or capturing those precious moments of a Wedding or Event. Our Motto is Loving Life and Loving God. And we are happy to share our Motto and the beauty all around us with you. 

-Carlos & Danielle Andrade  

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